A special something for you

A special something for you
Friends, friendship. What does it mean to you? How important are they when it comes to your daily life?
Well, for me, my friends are like my sisters.
Whether I speak to them every day, or once in a while, my friends are one of the most important people in my life. If anyone knows me, then a common phrase I hear them all say is that ‘Humaira can speak for the world’, and when it comes to my friends, I can just keep and going, without stopping, because I have so much to talk about, same goes with my family.
I have friends of different calibres. Some whom I speak to on a daily basis. I also have some friends where we are just so busy, we speak after weeks and months, but our conversations just continue where we left off from, and that is such a special attribute.
What does friendship mean to you?
For me, when it comes to my friends, they are the people I care about, and the people I wish to succeed and I want them to do really well in life.
Succeed? What do I mean?
There are so many aspects as a friend where you can help your friends progress and succeed in life, and by succeed I don’t mean become a billionaire or become famous or anything. It’s simply the little things in life.
Helping someone succeed can come in so many forms. Here are a few ways you can help someone succeed;
·     If you pray, then motivate your friend to pray as well, because prayer is the root to succeed in life, of course that comes alongside hard work. However, everything starts somewhere right?
·     If you do an act of kindness, tell them about it. Inspire them, it’s not showing off when you want to spread goodness out into the world. Many a times, a person just needs to be shown a way to do something good, and that will prompt them to follow you ! This can be done in so many ways, for example, if you have come across a JustGiving page and have donated a few pounds to charity or to help someone, you can tell your friends about it, so you both reap the rewards from it.
·     Positivity! One of the biggest things I try to implement in my own way of living is trying to stay positive. Good things are to come, everything isn’t over. Bad exam results aren’t the end of the world, you can work hard the next time and improve your grades. Maybe, you can focus more on revising next time, and less on other things that distract you. Now, passing on this positive energy to your friend is as important as implementing it within yourself. If they are feeling low or sad about anything, if you motivate them and inspire them to get up and keep going, trust me you will feel so much better as a person.
·     Surprise them! This one is so special to me and the reason which inspired me to write this post! I have the most amazing friends and family around me who constantly do things that are always so thoughtful and kind. Sometimes, even a short message to ask how your friend is doing can make their day, because in a world where everyone is so busy; taking a moment to stop and just ask someone or even say ‘ Hey, hope you have a wonderful day’ can be the nicest beginning or end to someone’s day.
Ok, so I want to share something really sweet one of my friends did recently. I won’t share her name, just because, but I really want to share what I am about to write.
In my spare time, I teach one of my loveliest friends because she’s so passionate and hardworking, so I love taking my time out to teach her. It’s been around a month or so, where I help her out for around 20 mins which we both really enjoy taking that time out of our day to focus on her studying.
So, in the holidays, we met a few times for prayer, and on one of the days she came with an Asda bag covered with a tissue on top to the mosque. I thought she bought some cupcakes to share out with everyone which is such a cute idea, because in the holidays the community comes together and has breakfast together.
After prayer, we sat next to each other and she had a HUGE smile on her face, which was normal to me as I’m sure she was excited to see me (hehehe), because her schedule doesn’t allow her to come to the mosque every day. So, she came and sat next to me like usual and said I got you something.
My initial reaction was confusion, because it definitely wasn’t my birthday, neither have I done anything that I can assume I deserved a gift for. At this point, I was overwhelmed in happiness, despite not even knowing what she had got for me, because the most unexpected things leave you in the happiest of spirits. I was just so shy and had no words to express myself, because like I mentioned, I don’t deserve something rn !
She said to me, I’ve been meaning to get you something because you teach me every day, and in all honesty, I expected nothing from her because I genuinely love teaching someone who is so passionate about studying.
Now, if any of my friends, family or followers on my Instagram page know that I’ve been eyeing the Veja Campo trainers for a while. I had no intention of buying them anytime soon, as I wanted a good reason to splurge and buy the trainers. However, my amazing friend saw that I love the trainers and went through so much effort to find the trainers and buy them for me, since they were sold out nearly everywhere!

I have so many examples of cute things my friends have done for me throughout the years, I can’t write them all, because this post would go on forever.

However, I’ll share something cute from yesterday where my friend @Littledessertco sent over some delicious desserts over to my house, just because !

It’s really the simplest things that can lighten up your day and make you appreciate those around you.


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