Veggie Breakfast | Boston Tea Party

It’s  been quite a while since I last visited Boston Tea Party… well actually nearly a year. 
I’ve been super busy with University and in the meantime, I just haven’t had much time to re-visit BTP. 
So this week, I decided to go on a whim, and just enjoy some good quality food for a late breakfast.
When I arrived, I saw that there was a new menu and was intrigued right away ! 
I ordered a range of different Vegetarian options to share with everyone ! 
The first thing that caught my eye on the menu was the Shakshuka, a Middle Eastern inspired dish. 
It consisted of tomatoes, beans and an egg on top, with a side of soft bread. It’s the perfect winter/autumn meal as it’s so filling and soup like.
I don’t have it pictured, but I ripped the bread into smaller pieces and put it in the Shakshuka and it was so yum !
Next on the menu… we tried the Veggie breakfast.
It is quite literally exactly as its written. A full vegetarian breakfast consisting of Hash browns, mushrooms, we opted out for tomatoes this time but more mushrooms instead, beans, toast, and spinach ! 
It was such a huge portion and so filling ! 
I would definitely recommend a veggie breakfast if you’re opting for a veg meal.
We ordered two sweet dishes, as some of us wanted to try a bit of both sweet and savoury.
Sooo… we tried out the vegetarian version of American pancakes with blueberries and clotted cream !!!
It was the dream I tell you ! I agree it looks like a right mess, but the taste was impeccable and 
absolutely delicious 😋 
The clotted cream and fresh blueberries were simply the berry on top 😄
At this point, there wasn’t much room in our stomach to finish the rest of what we had ordered, as there was a caramelised french Banana toast awaiting our tummies ! 
In all honesty, it was the least of my favourites.
It could have been because I was already so full, but I felt like the chocolate was way too heavy for my liking. If I’m not to be mistaken, I think the french toast had dark chocolate which I’m not a huge fan off, so perhaps if it was a lighter chocolate then I might have likened it a little more than I did.
But in all, my experience was so yummy ! I would definitely recommend anyone to try out any of the options I tried, maybe not all at once 😂but it’s definitely worth your taste buds.

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