Eid gift guide | 2020

As quickly as ramadan has approached us, Eid is also coming up sooner than we can imagine. I thought an Eid gift guide would really helpful for those of us who like to gift our family and friends during Eid. So, I’m sharing a few ideas with you all which I hope will be really helpful for Eid.

I have categorised the gift ideas, so there is definitely something for everyone in here.
If you find this gift guide helpful let me know through a DM on my instagram @humairascorner or just comment down below.
Jewellery |
Jewellery is one of my favourite things to gift people that are close to me, as it is such a sentimental gift that can be kept for years as a memory. Last year, I gifted my sister a necklace from Missoma and when I posted it on my feed, so many of you loved it.

There are so many dainty pieces of jewellery which you can find on the Missoma website which I think a lot of ladies would really love as an Eid gift. Plus, a jewellery piece is super sentimental, and definitely will be a keepsake for a lot of us.

 So, I think with jewellery you can’t really go wrong. I love the pieces in Missoma,
however there are other jewellery places such Monica Vinader , Swarovski and Pandora which also have beautiful jewellery pieces that won’t break the bank.

Makeup | 
If you have friends or any family members who are makeup junkies, then makeup is definitely something you can gift. Dior has some really universal makeup products such as their highlight palette, which you don’t need to know a specific shade in order to gift someone.
of course, with makeup, since it is a gift, you would want to give something without  having to text the person ‘ hey what’s your shade ? I’m just saying hahah’.

On the plus side, Dior products come wrapped up super luxe which is one thing out of the way for you, if you’re having to wrap so many gifts.

Link for the Dior Highlighter

For the foodie, you can always send some yummy desserts over to there house. This Eid will probably be like no other, as we are all practising social distancing, so we can’t really visit any of our family members.
So, I thought a really nice idea would be to send desserts to family and friends for Eid to enjoy.
@littledessertco on Instagram is doing so many beautifully packaged desserts throughout Ramadan and in time for Eid desserts, so check out her page to place orders.

 So check out @littledessertco Instagram page for Ramadan and Eid gift ideas to send to family and friends.


Perfume | 
When it comes to gifting perfume, I think Jo Malone ticks all the boxes of a special scented gift. 
All their perfumes are unisex, so both men and women can wear their scents. They also have special Eid packaging which they do every year, and it’s so pretty.
My current two favourite perfumes from Jo Malone are Peony & Blush suede which is actually a favourite of many people.

Another favourite, which has a stronger scent is Wood Sage & Sea Salt.




If any of are thinking of gifting any Oud perfumes, Jo Malone also have a wide range of Ouds.

Links for the perfumes :

 Peony Blush and Suede

Wood Sage and Sea Salt

Something creative |
There is always something special about a loving card, or a hand written note which will be appreciated by so many loved ones, because sometimes I feel like we all have so many things, but a lovely card is just something so special and thoughtful which can definitely be a gift with so much meaning.

My little sister made this frame insert all by herself, and I think that would be such a thoughtful gift for kids. I think when kids make something it’s definitely such a touching gift. Plus, now that we are in quarantine, children have all the time in the world to get creative.

Charity in someone’s name |

Have any of you seen the share the meal app ? 

It is an app where you have the option of choosing a charity option of your choice where you can donate a certain amount, so with as little as 35p you can feed a person somewhere is who is struggling in the world for an entire day.

This is such an amazing initiative, where we can make another persons day by donating such a tiny amount, to ensure that they are provided with a meal for an entire day.
Whats even better is that there  is an option, where you can feed a child or anyone in the world who is struggling in the name of someone you wish and email it to them as a gift.

It seriously is such a special idea to give charity in someones name.

All you need to do is write the persons name, and it will email the recipient with a message of your choice.


Ah books ! One of the best gifts you can give to anyone and everyone. there is always a book for everyone in the world, and the options just don’t end. 
I have a few suggestions down below, but I thought I would do a Q&A on my instagram page some time soon, for all of you to share some of your favourite books that you would recommend.
For now, I’m going to share three books that I received  as a gift which I really love. The Daily Wisdom books include daily reminders which I really enjoy going through, specially now in Ramadan.

Here is a link to the books on Amazon : 
Daily Wisdom: Selections from the Holy Qur’an

Daily Wisdom: Sayings of the Prophet Muhammad

Another really cute gift idea is this book which I recommend to all my friends. The one line a day book is just a great way of jotting down your memories on a daily basis, which will be so nice to look back at in a few years time.

Link to the book : One line a day

For babies and everyone else |

The Quran Moon lamp is such a beautiful gift for babies and literally everyone in the household. My little brother received it as a gift, and he just loves it. The lamp changes into so many colours and it has the option of so much things to choose from. 
You can listen to the Quran from different reciters, daily adhkar, Hadith and you can also connect your own phone to the lamp to listen to anything of your own choice.

Link for the Noor Lamp

For the Coffee lover |
I feel like we all have a coffee lover in our life, either in our family or friendship group. I have so many around me, hahah, but I’m a green tea girl and I’m good to go.
So, this week I saw an offer which is still ongoing at Nespresso where the Vertuo Plus machine is on offer for £79 with so many other goodies in the package.
Let me run you through what you get for £79.

Of course, you get the Machine.


You also receive 100 free capsules.


 And.. you also get this package to try out the capsules before you open the package above.


If this isn’t the ultimate coffee idea, then I don’t what is.
Btw, I got this for my dad as an early Eid gift because he loves coffee so much and absolutely loved this.

In the following days to come, I will be sharing more Eid gift suggestions with you all, so stay connected and in the meantime Ramadan Kareem.





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