The Ordinary is in Birmingham !

I have some good news for you skincare enthusiasts !So, as you may or may not know, I love my holy grail RoseHip oil from The Ordinary. I rave about it all the time and recommend it to anyone and everyone, because it’s organic and great for all skin types. However, the only annoying thing was that  I could only order the oil online when my one ran out, as no stores in Birmingham stock Deciem.
However…. the other day, I popped into Harvey Nichols just for a browse, and nothing more, when I could see what looked like an entire section of The Ordinary products.
I wear glasses might I add, so I wasn’t too sure if I could squeal in excitement until I had come close enough to the huge counter where all the products had been on display.

The excitement was REAL ! To my surprise, there were soo many products all displayed neatly in store and everything was in stock.
It’s quite common to find a lot of The Ordinary products out of stock online, as they are so popular, who could blame them.
Now, if any of you lovelies who live in Birmingham wanted to try any of The Ordinary products, then now is your chance. I know a lot of you  are are skeptical when it comes to just buying products online, without having the feel of testing products out in store. I can be like that sometimes, unless I really want to just get something and I just know it’s going to be amazing !
As I mentioned above, that I really loved The Ordinary RoseHip Oil, that is definitely one product I recommend you try out if you get the chance to visit the stand at Harvey Nichols.

I know I have had so many of you lovelies also hooked on to Rose hip oil and I’m so happy that you are also enjoying using one of my holy grail face oils. 
Also, let me know which are some of your favourite products from the ordinary. I would love to know and try out more of their range since they are super affordable and effective on my skin. 
Some other popular products of The Ordinary is there foundation, which I personally have not had the chance to try yet, however, now that I have access to testing out shades, I will be trying out many more products. ( My lovely friend Chelle Belle has a review of the foundation on her blog, so definitely go check it out.
In the meantime, leave your comments down below on any of your personal favourites from The Ordinary.
Much Love

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  1. October 29, 2019 / 7:03 pm

    Omg yass finally!!!!

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