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Okkkkk !So I haven't tried a new cleanser ever since I fell in love with my ultimate fave Fresh Soy CleanserHowever, I have reached to the pit bottom of my cleanser and I was contemplating whether I should try something new on my skin. I've been using the same cleanser for a few years, so I thought maybe it's time I try a different cleanser out because there are so many amazing cleansers out there.

My skin is very sensitive, so I am little skeptical when it comes to trying out something new on my skin, especially if its for my daily routine.
I had seen an offer for the Rituals Milk Cleansing Milk online, so I wanted to go in store and try the product out and talk to the experts whether it was suited to my skin type. 
If any of you have visited any of the rituals stores, you will know how zen the atmosphere is. The white flower tree decor and the Ayurvedic smell of holistic and traditional scents fill up the store which is always contrary to the traditional smell of a beauty store. 
As you enter the store, you are served traditional tea, in my case it was Rose Hip tea which I tried i loved. If any of you know me, then you know I’m a sucker for herbal teas ( specifically green tea). So, if you enjoy green tea, then you will definitely love Rose Hip tea. 

Moving on, I came in store this time to have a look at one of their daily cleansers as I had officially finished my favourite Fresh beauty cleanser. As I mentioned before that I had been using the Soy Cleanser by fresh for two years and will definitely repurchase it. However, in the meanwhile I wanted to try something new as I had seen someone on Instagram recommend the Mild Cleansing Milk from Rituals. 

I wanted to test the product out in store since I haven’t tried any other cleanser for a long period other than my trusty Fresh Beauty Soy Cleanser.

Since the milk cleanser was mild, I knew it would be great for my daily skincare as I don’t want anything too harsh on my skin. I had a few lipstick swatches on my hand that day, and tested the cleanser in store to see how effective it is at removing the makeup and it didn’t disappoint.

It’s safe to say, it was a winner. The formula was so nice and creamy. It actually looks like milk, when you pump it out of the tube. Another bonus is that the cleanser comes with a pump, which is always handy. 

Coming to the price point : The Mild Cleansing Milk retails for £11.90 which is amazing ! For a product which you will be using on a regular basis, it is always a lifesaver and a bank saver when the price point is affordable. Plus, rituals always have amazing deals on, so the cleanser is bound to go on offer at any time of the year in which you can stock up on if you want.

So, I have been using this cleanser for around 6 months since I had written the section above, as I like to test  products out for a while, so I know I am fully satisfied with it and if I am happy to continue using it. The mild cleansing milk has been a daily staple for me, as its so simple to use.
Things I like about the cleanser
– You can just use a single pump and wash your face with it
– It does NOT sting your eyes when you wash your face overall
– Its so cost effective, at £11.90 and lasts so long
– I have been using it for around six months and I still have so much of it left
– Rituals have sales all the time, and these go on offer for around £7
( Sadly, I missed the offer on this, as I went in store a day after the offer expired)
If any of you would like to check out the cleanser, here is the link down below.
I couldn’t find a link from the Rituals website, however if you go in store, I’m sure you can find it like I did.
I hope you enjoyed this post.

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