Xycos Pink Collagen Toner | Review

I think when it comes to most people’s skincare routines, toner is a step which is often missed out. Myself included, as some days I’m in such a rush, I skip my toner and move on to moisturising my skin instead.

Using a toner on your skin has several benefits such as minimising the appearance of large pores. Now, I use the word minimising the appearance, as it is completely normal for us all to have pores and we can’t really close them off, as our skin needs to breathe as well as many other reasons. however, if you have insecuties of your pores looking a bit ovboisu, a toner can help reduce its appearance.

another, great benefit of using a toner is how it can protect your skin from enivormental stressors, and it soothes your skin.

a super popular toner is the one by XYCOS (Pink collagen Toner). This toner includes highly enriched collagen and pink complex, which helps smoothen and nourish your skin.

The pink collagen toner is really useful if you feel like your skin is having a dull moment, which often can occur during the winter months, or just generally.

TIP: After washing and cleansing your face in the morning, apply a small amount of the toner on your palm and lightly dab or massage it on to your face. I prefer to use my hands when applying a toner, as a cotton pad is quite unnecessary, and it also ends up soaking in half the product too.

XYCOS, also recommend that you apply the toner on your palm too.

I don’t know about you guys, but when it comes to Korean skincare, I’m all for it. I love trying Korean skincare brands, as they are always super gentle, and there are such a wide range of products, which almost always cater to your skincare needs.

If you’re looking for a toner, I suggest you try out this cleanser from XYCOS:

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