Selena Gomez’s Rare Beauty | First impressions

When I first heard that Selena Gomez was coming out with a beauty line, I can’t lie, I was a little skeptical. I didn’t know whether it would be just another celebrity makeup line, that has barely any effort been put in. However, Tiktok without a doubt was a major influence in changing my opinion. All of the Rare Beauty products were constantly on my FYP page, and it was just regular girls raving about the blushes, highlighter, lipsticks etc.

I gave it a month or two before I caved in, and then we had an announcement that Rare beauty was coming to the UK via SpaceNK. I just knew this was a sign, to try and get my hands on some of the most popular products. SpaceNK currently have a 20% off all products with a few exceptions on their website, so I used this opportunity to buy a few products for my sister, and try them out together.


I think that the packaging is super different and clean. I truly love the simplicity in the packaging, and I definitely think it could be a factor in influencing many of us to try out there products. The circle lids, and compact packaging is ideal for anyone wanting to fit their makeup in their clutch, or a small bag (since mini bags are super in atm).

Always an Optimist Powder de Fixation Éclat Doux in Light Medium

I think I made an error with this product in terms of the shade. My sister and I went with the shades recommended online, and it usually isn’t always a good idea. There isn’t a SpaceNK store in my city, so I would have had to travel to London to see the product in store to get an accurate shade of the powder.

Soft Pinch Blush Liquide Frais in Hope

Ok.. this blush was all over Tiktok. Every user on Tiktok was raving about the Rare beaut soft pinch blush, so I knew for sure that I had to buy the blush. The shade hope is beautiful. As an asian girl, this blush is olive skin approved as well as any lighter or darker skin. That’s one of my favourite things when I get products with my sisters, is to check how a product would look on different skin tones. growing up in the early YouTube days, there were rarely any women of colour doing makeup tutorials. I thoroughly enjoyed watching Zoe Sugg, Fleur de Force and Tanya Burr. however, every time they recommended a nude lipstick, it would look pale on me, yet super beautiful and pink on them. Of course, in no way is this their fault. Just me as a 13 year old, overly obsessed with the coolest girls on the net, yet not being able to distinguish that some colours simply didn’t work for me, till many years later. Anyways, as I was saying, the Soft Pinch Blush in the shade Hope is super flattering, and I think it would compliment a variety of skin colours.

Positive Light Enlumineur Liquide in Mesmerize.

I saw a beautiful Indian girl on Tiktok recommend this product and this specific shade. She swatched the product on her cheek bones and I knew I had to try this product. It is a beautiful soft pink shade and I love the packaging and compactness of this product.

Warm Wishes Stick Bronzant Ultra Simple in Always Sunny.

My sister wanted to try a bronzer stick. Both of us use a powder bronzer and then we use the Chanel cream bronzer, so this will be her first time trying a bronzer stick. So our first impressions so far is that we are excited to try it out and I will update you all on how we like it or if we don’t.

That’s all I have for today. If you have tried anything from Rare beauty, and that you would recommend, please share in the comments down below.

Thank you,

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