5 self-care habits you should integrate in your life

1. Wake up early, Rise and Shine Beauties.
Waking up early and sleeping on time is essential to maintain a healthy lifestyle and getting more things done throughout your day. 
Once you start to regulate a healthy sleeping pattern, you will automatically feel super productive and realise how much you can actually get done in the day, and leave the evening to relax and unwind.
A key aspect in waking up early, is the improvement of your mental health as well as physical health as over sleeping can lead to headaches , back pain and other health related issues.
If you are one of the many people who wake up with a puffy face,
 it could be due to over sleeping, or even sleeping late. However, once you regulate your sleeping pattern, you will start to realise when waking up early, your skin will not be as puffy, but slowly start to look more balanced and awake.
Waking up early, has always been a part of my lifestyle, since my dad is an early bird. He says your brain is fresh in the morning, so utilise this blessing to get your work done (in my case studying), as it enhances your productivity.
However, lately I have been slacking with rising early due to the dreaded exam season. So my whole  schedule has been upside down.  I simply cannot wait till the exams are over, to get back to my old habit of sleeping on time, and waking up on time.

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Here are some other great reasons why you should try waking up early, to improve your lifestyle and health :
  1. Better Concentration : As I mentioned above, that exam season is upon many students this term. Well, getting up early will help improve your concentration and allow you to focus soaking in all the revision you need to do.  As a result, the revision you get done in the morning, will be more effective than any other revision done throughout the day.
2. Improves your quality of sleep : When you start sleeping on a scheduled routine, your body will automatically sleep and wake up at the same time. It is also less likely for you to over sleep, as your body would have had sufficient sleep, therefore being satisfied with the 7/8 hours you had.
2. Wear SPF everyday.

I can’t emphasise the importance of wearing SPF on a daily basis, whether the weather is hot or cold, Sunny or not,  as the sun can damage your skin in any weather. Wearing Sun cream is a literal shield from all the harmful UV-rays from the sun, which can cause skin cancer, pigmentation , as well as making your skin premature early. So, in order to prevent such skin issues, applying a layer of sun cream on top of, or underneath your moisturiser will benefit you dearly in long run.

There is always the option of wearing Makeup or Skincare with added SPF, rather than wearing it e. The main factor is, Protect your Skin. It’s going to represent you for a very long time.
I just stocked up on my favourite SPF, by La Roche Posay :

3.Vitamin C

Now, Vitamin C contains many benefits for our skin. It contains many beneficial Antioxidants which can improve our skin in many ways, such as Firmer Skin, and shielding our skin from harmful pollutants.
As, well as the above mentioned benefits, Vitamin will help brighten your skin, if you suffer from dull looking. You can integrate, Vitamin C through different ways within your lifestyle, either through skincare or food.
There are many great Vitamin C serums out there, raved by one of my fave Youtuber’s @Arshia Moorjani. In her recent Youtube video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nkmqGeFp8x0&t=439s
She mentioned the following products as her favourite Vitamin C serums.
  • The Derma E Vitamin C Concentrated Serum.
However, a more effective way in which I like to incorporate Vitamin C in my daily routine is through eating  oranges. I try to eat 2 Oranges a day, to get some Vitamin C within my diet, to help improve any skin issues I may be going through, plus I just love Oranges.
4. Drink Water !
There isn’t much I can emphasise with regards to drinking water, because lets be real, we all know how important water is for our health. It’s just that we get lazy, and forget to drink water, or some people just don’t like drinking water. But trust me , drinking water will definitely do you more good than bad. It can change your whole life around, making you more healthy, active and also clearing up your skin.
You can also get creative with drinking water, adding in fruits or some lemon to improve the taste if you’re not a fan of just water on its own.
( PS : Can you see the water has gone bubbly, because it took me a while to get the perfect shot )
5. Try stay Positive.

Image from : QouteFancy

Have you ever read the Quote ‘ Be kind to yourself, So you can be Happy enough to be kind to the world. – Misha Collins.
The key to Positivity is being kind to yourself. Once you can do that, you will easily be able to sprinkle kindness on to others. Kindness is the first step to positivity, and always looking at the brighter side to every situation in your life. It may be difficult, if you constantly feel like nothing is going your way, however in that situation of difficulty, the only person who can make everything better, is yourself.
So, be a positive and kinder YOU, to yourself. 


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