Penghaligon’s Empressa | Review

When it comes to perfumes or any scents, I have a really small curated collection, because I'm super selective when it comes to choosing a scent I like to wear.

I received the Penhaligon's Empressa Hair and Body mist as a gift from one of my friends a few months ago, and I have been loving the scent ever since. Hair and body mists are one of my favourite ways to wear perfume, without having an overwhelmingly strong scent around me.

The smell is super soft, and enough for me to able to smell the beauty of the mist on me, without filling a room with the smell of the perfume.

I am aware many muslim women around the world don't wear perfume due to religious reasons, and I think a Hair and body mist is ideal for those of you who prefer to wear a super light scent.

The Penhaligon's Empressa Hair and body mist is the perfect scent for all seasons, however it is a more summery mist. It's super light with a tinge of a fruity scent, and I think it definitely is one of those perfumes that will be a favourite amongst many of you.

Different ways to use the hair and body mist for an effective outcome

  1. Spray it on your hair after a shower or when you wash it.
  2. Spray it on your neck for a long lasting effect
  3. Spray a little on both your wrists
  4. Spray a little on fresh clothes.

The Penhaligon's perfume collection is definitely such a treat, so it would be such an ideal gift for anyone or even as a gift to yourself.

Here is a link to purchase the Penhaligon's Hair and Body mist.

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