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When it comes to blusher, I find that it’s really difficult to tell whether a shade suits your skin tone, as there isn’t any rules when it comes to choosing the shade of your blusher.

I have so many blushers, some which are too pigmented and look a little too maroon for my liking, whereas others are super pinky, and not the ideal look I like to go for, especially when I want to apply a natural makeup look.

The Mac Peaches blusher had been on my Wishlist for a while, but I wasn’t sure if it would be another blusher that I would purchase, and it just wouldn’t be as great as I thought.

My sister gifted it to me for Eid, so it was literally the perfect way for me to try out the Mac Peaches blush that I’ve been wanting to try. Mainly because I already have a few blushes which I didn’t love as much, and I didn’t want to experiment and try another blush and get it wrong.

Once, I swatched it on my arms, I had a good feeling that this blush would be perfect for not only medium skin tones, but for both lighter and darker skin tones.

My favourite makeup product  is usually something that is so versatile that it suits everyone, and this blusher is just that.

Some of you might think the peach might wash you out, but I promise it doesn’t. It gives the prettiest look on your cheeks, almost like a matte healthy glow if that even makes sense.

You can shop the blush with this LOOK FANTASTIC link below :

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