Hafiz Mustafa Review| Istanbul,Turkey

If any of you decide to visit Turkey, then I highly recommend you check out the famous patisserie, Hafiz Mustafa. They make one of the best Baklava as well as Turkish delight in Turkey.

Before I visited Istanbul, I had already known so much about the famous Hafiz Mustafa. So, it definitely was one of the top things on my list to try out, once I landed in Istanbul.

I had already spotted a few branches of the store on my way from the airport to the hotel.

I was lucky enough to have Hafiz Mustafa sit right in-front of my hotel during my visit, which was of course such a temptation for me to visit right away. During the first two days, I was way too busy and tired with all the travelling to visit, but alas day 3 was the day I went to Hafiz Mustafa.

The decor in Hafiz Mustafa was of the traditional Turkish mosaic flower walls, with red and gold accents throughout the place.

  1. Service.

The service at Hafiz Mustafa was amazing and so swift. We ordered a variety of desserts ranging from Kunafe, Baklava, Milk cake and other sweet treats, and it arrived in less than five minutes alongside the traditional Turkish Tea ( despite the entire three floors being filled with people, the service was super fast).

2. Opening hours

Hafiz Mustafa’s opening hours are insane ! The opening hours are 24/7 in Istanbul, and it’s constantly filled with dessert lovers throughout different hours of the day and in to the night. I say this is ideal, because on our last day in Istanbul, after our Fajr prayer, we decided to have one last visit which was at 5am to our favourite place, just for the memories, and it truly was one of the only places open at that time.

( Hence why I was able to get pictures without any people, otherwise it’s practically impossible to get pictures properly in the day time )

3. Bringing treats back home

Hafiz Mustafa has a service where they airtight anything you order, so you can safely bring back Baklava or anything you want home safely. This is quite ideal, because I bought Baklava home for friends and family, and it would truly be a nightmare if all the syrup spilt in my luggage.

There is also a variety of ready made treats that are great options to take away as gifts for family and freinds.

Some of my favourites.

I loved the Turkish tea served in Istanbul, however, Hafiz Mustafa just had a special touch, as each cup of tea is served in a different decorated dish. This is the one I had on the first day I went.

My dad and brother thoroughly enjoyed the Cappuccino, so if you are into a good coffee, I suggest you try it.

The Kunafe

I guess if you’re in Turkey, or any Middle Eastern country, you just have to have their Kunafe, and seriously the one I had in Hafiz Mustafa was incredible, to the point I forgot to take a picture, so I took a screenshot of a boomerang I did, so I can at least show you all what I’m talking about.

Breakfast Pastries

If you visit Hafiz Mustafa during the early hours, before 10am, they have a huge selection of sweet and savoury pastries which is the perfect breakfast when you’re on holiday.

Caramel Trilece/ Tres Leches ( Milk Cake)

I’ve recently seen a huge popularity with Milk cakes, however, I haven’t tried any until I went to Istanbul. I chose the caramel flavour, however there is another option which is Raspberry. This is also another great contender to try out when you visit.

A variety of puddings

The puddings in Hafiz Mustafa is something I’ve never had before. They look so different, some yellow, green, and chocolate flavoured.

We just picked out any, and thought we would give it a try, and seriously they did not disappoint.

I can’t share a picture of my desserts, because my siblings digged in before I could take a picture, but the yellow one and green one in this picture are amazing, so definitely try it out.

A link to the website : https://www.hafizmustafa.com/index.php

I hope you all enjoyed reading my review and I apologise if I made any of you crave any of the treats above. If you ever visit Turkey and manage to go to Hafiz Mustafa, comment down below letting me know what was your favourite dessert.


  1. Young Ji
    August 5, 2020 / 2:26 pm

    Everything looks delicious, I am definately craving some of these especially the kunafe !!

    • Humairasiddiqah
      August 7, 2020 / 6:34 pm

      Aww! That’s how I felt as I was writing this blog post

    • Humairasiddiqah
      November 28, 2021 / 11:30 am

      Hahahha ! Kunafe is always a shout

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