6 Ways to Prepare for Ramadan

Anyone else super excited that Ramadan 2020 is literally a few days away, because seriously Ramadan is one of my favourite times in the whole year. Even though this Ramadan is going to be relatively different from any other Ramadan we have ever had due to pandemic we are all in, however I think there are so many blessings in disguise this year. We get so much extra time to spend with our family, to read Quran and pray Salah. For any of us who havenโ€™t had the chance to cook and shine, well.. I guess now is your time to bring out them baking, cooking or just eating skills ๐Ÿ˜‚.

1. Reciting Quran
On a more nicer note, the first thing I would like to mention in preparation for Ramadan is to increase our recitation of the Quran, or for anyone who didnโ€™t have as much as time previously to read Quran, this Ramadan is perfect for us to reap the rewards of reciting the Quran. Does anyone know the special rewards we receive for every letter we read in Ramadan? In a Hadith narrated that the prophet ๏ทบ (peace and blessings be upon him) said:
Whoever reads a letter from the Book of Allah will receive a hasanah (good deed) from it (i.e. his recitation), and the hasanah is multiplied by ten. I do not say that Alif-Laam-Meem is (considered as) a letter, rather Alif is a letter, Laam is a letter, and Meem is a letter.
- At-Tirmidhi, Ad-Darimi
I think a really good way to make sure we get to read as much as Quran as possible is by having a target which we aim to complete by the end of Ramadan. So, you aim to read the Quran once in Ramadan, which means if you read a chapter a day, you should be able to reach your target. 

2. Improving our Character

During Ramadan and even before we should try improving and work on ourselves.  As an individual we should always be working on making ourselves better humans, kinder beings because the prophet Muhammad ๏ทบ was the kindest of all mankind, and we should try our best to follow in his footsteps. There are so many ways in which we can improve ourselves. If we notice that when we get angry, our tongues slip and it leads us to swear or just say things which we didnโ€™t mean, then maybe that is something to work on.  Allah mentions:
ูˆูŽุงู„ูŽู‘ุฐููŠู†ูŽ ุตูŽุจูŽุฑููˆุง ุงุจู’ุชูุบูŽุงุกูŽ ูˆูŽุฌู’ู‡ู ุฑูŽุจูู‘ู‡ูู…ู’ ูˆูŽุฃูŽู‚ูŽุงู…ููˆุง ุงู„ุตูŽู‘ู„ูŽุงุฉูŽ ูˆูŽุฃูŽู†ููŽู‚ููˆุง ู…ูู…ูŽู‘ุง ุฑูŽุฒูŽู‚ู’ู†ูŽุงู‡ูู…ู’ ุณูุฑู‹ู‘ุง ูˆูŽุนูŽู„ูŽุงู†ููŠูŽุฉู‹ ูˆูŽูŠูŽุฏู’ุฑูŽุกููˆู†ูŽ ุจูุงู„ู’ุญูŽุณูŽู†ูŽุฉู ุงู„ุณูŽู‘ูŠูู‘ุฆูŽุฉูŽ ุฃููˆู„ูŽูฐุฆููƒูŽ ู„ูŽู‡ูู…ู’ ุนูู‚ู’ุจูŽู‰ ุงู„ุฏูŽู‘ุงุฑู
Those who are patient, seeking the countenance of their Lord, and establish prayer and spend from what We have provided for them, secretly and publicly, and repel evil with good, for those will have the good end. Surah Raโ€™d 13:22
So, instead getting super worked up by something that has annoyed us, try establishing patience, and we will get rewarded for it.
3/4 Repent and make dua
Asking for forgiveness from Allah is something we should be doing all the time. As humans we are constantly making mistakes but knowing the vastness of Allahโ€™s mercy is something, we should all take great humility in. In Surah Tahrim Allah mentions:

ูŠูŽุง ุฃูŽูŠูู‘ู‡ูŽุง ุงู„ูŽู‘ุฐููŠู†ูŽ ุขู…ูŽู†ููˆุง ุชููˆุจููˆุง ุฅูู„ูŽู‰ ุงู„ู„ูŽู‘ู‡ู ุชูŽูˆู’ุจูŽุฉู‹ ู†ูŽุตููˆุญู‹ุง ุนูŽุณูŽู‰ูฐ ุฑูŽุจูู‘ูƒูู…ู’ ุฃูŽู†ู’ ูŠููƒูŽููู‘ุฑูŽ

ุนูŽู†ู’ูƒูู…ู’ ุณูŽูŠูู‘ุฆูŽุงุชููƒูู…ู’ ูˆูŽูŠูุฏู’ุฎูู„ูŽูƒูู…ู’ ุฌูŽู†ูŽู‘ุงุชู ุชูŽุฌู’ุฑููŠ ู…ูู†ู’ ุชูŽุญู’ุชูู‡ูŽุง ุงู„ู’ุฃูŽู†ู’ู‡ูŽุงุฑู

โ€˜โ€™O Believers turn to Allah in sincere repentance; maybe your Lord will expunge your evil deeds and admit you to the Gardens beneath which rivers flowโ€™โ€™.

Although we should be asking for forgiveness from Allah at all times, Ramadan is the perfect chance for us to expiate our sins. This Ramadan, we all have so much time on our hands to do so much good deeds which is an amazing way for us to expiate the bad.

5. Give charity

During the month of Ramadan, the prophet would be so much more generous than the usual days. This also goes to say that, charity isnโ€™t only for the month of Ramadan, but throughout the year. However, in Ramadan, our rewards are multiplied endlessly which is all the more reason for us to open our hearts to the less fortunate people in the world, and for us to be more thankful to Allah for all the blessings we have been bestowed with.
Narrated Ibn `Abbas: The Prophet (๏ทบ) was the most generous of all the people, and he used to become more generous in Ramadan when Gabriel met him. Gabriel used to meet him every night during Ramadan to revise the Qur'an with him. Allah's Messenger (๏ทบ) then used to be more generous than the fast wind. Sahih al-Bukhari 3554
This year, I looked up at the date project and thought that it would be the most fun way to give money to charity as well as give the gift of dates to loved ones. Here is the link to the website - https://thedateproject.org
The Prophet (saw) said, โ€˜Whoever feeds a person breaking his fast will earn the same reward as him, without anything being lessened from the reward of the fasting personโ€™. (Tirmidhi) Just imagine receiving the same amounts of rewards as a fasting person, by simply feeding someone in Ramadan. So, I thought that this is such an amazing way to gain so much rewards by gifting dates to my family and friends to break their fast with during Ramadan.
6. Revive a Sunnah!
โ€œVerily, whoever revives a tradition (sunnah) from among my traditions which has died after me, then he will have a reward similar to whoever acts upon it without taking anything away from their rewards.โ€ Prophet Muhammad ๏ทบ I thought I would leave this till last as it is the simplest way to earn many rewards in Ramadan. There are so many simple acts of the prophet which we can follow and act upon the hadith mentioned up.
Here are a few sunnah acts which we can follow:
1. Make dua for others.
2. Eat suhoor.
3. Use miswak
4. Pray our sunnah prayers
5. Do your adhkar
If you have any questions, send me DM on my instagram page @humairascorner Ramadan Kareem everyone X


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