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We have just gotten in to Spring, and things are taking quite the turn. The weather is partially cold, with odd sunny days. However, now that the situation with Covid-19 has escalated drastically in the past few days, which means we should be staying at home to keep everyone safe. However, it also means we have more time on our hands to look after ourselves and enjoy the little things we do such as 'Me time'. A body cream that I've been using for around 6 months or so is the Ameliorate Transforming body lotion which is aimed at dry skin, keratosis Pilaris or for anyone who struggles with ingrown hairs. If you consistently use this cream on your body for around four weeks, you will begin to notice an improvement of the appearance of your skin. I mention four weeks as the instructions on the cream packaging mentions that duration, which was something really reassuring for myself, as I knew it wasn't a gimmick. Nothing promising me healthy looking skin overnight, and then the next day my skin is back to square one. 
I personally don't suffer from Keratosis Pilaris,  however, one my followers on instagram bought the cream when I did, alongside a body mitt, and she told me how this cream has been amazing on her, and how she loved it so much.
A while back, I watched a skincare video on youtube by Nicola Chapman ( Sam and Nic Chapman on youtube) and Nic recommended Ameliorate Transforming Body Lotion for bumpy skin on the arms above the elbows. At the time, I didn’t really need it, because my skin wasn’t as dry and I didn’t have tiny bumps on my arms until recently. 
I remembered how she mentioned that she loved using the cream on her kids, and I instantly googled the products. I’m glad I remembered the name after so long, because it’s the best body cream I’ve ever used. 
Can I also just mention, it’s so weird how for years I didn’t see Ameliorate anywhere and now that I’ve ordered it, I’ve seen that so many skincare  bloggers have the product in their skincare shelf, which is actually quite exciting knowing that so many other people out there love it. 
Moving on to the cream. It has a tacky consistency, but as soon as it massaged on to your skin, it dries down instantly without making your skin feel greasy. You know how sometimes, certain moisturisers are so thick that you have to wait for quite a while before putting on anything to cover it, with the Ameliorate, you really don't need to !
Some Tips :
If any of your dry brush, then a good technique would be to dry brush your skin before you moisturise your skin.  You can also, dry brush your skin a day after moisturising to get rid of any ingrown hairs that the hydration complex within the moisturiser may have began to remove.
Another effective way of using the Ameliorate to its full potential is to dry brush your skin  after applying the cream ( A day after is ideal ). The ingrown hairs which come to the surface of your skin because of alpha hydroxy therapy, easily disappear with the gentle rub of a dry brush.
If you don't have a dry brush, I definily think you should invest in one, but in the meantime, you can exfoliate your skin with a dry clean towel that you may no longer need.
Trust me, the results are incredible.
Since posting the cream on my Instagram feed @humairascorner and stories, I've had so many of you message me telling me that you have bought the cream on my recommendation and have been loving it.
I seriously appreciate you trusting my recommendations, because I love this product so much, hence why I'm recommending it to you all.
You can purchase the Ameliorate transforming body lotion here:

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