The Cult Beauty Starter Kit Worth it or Not?

Do any of you have a friend that always tempts you to buy stuff, because ‘it’s just so amazing’ or ‘omg you have to get it’. Yes! I do, and that’s how I come across a lot of products, believe it or not.

So, the latest item or shall say items that my friend told me about last week was the Cult Beauty starter kit.
My friend told me how it was so worth the money, and that I just needed to get it, so I did. I thought it would be something of interest to a lot of you since the products in this box are so different and the pricing is actually so affordable.
I thought I would get into the pricing first to tempt you a little, then as you continue to read you can make your own mind up to see whether the box is worth it or not.

The cult beauty box retails for £30, however I used the discount code YOU15 to receive extra discount and I paid £25 for the box.
Now, let me tell you what comes in the box.
The first thing I noticed in the box was the Huda Beauty Topaz Obsessions Palette. Now if any of you are a Huda Beauty fan, or just have come across this palette, then you know that it alone costs £25.
I got the whole box of goodies for £25! Can you believe it, and one item alone in the box costs that much? The box comes with products worth a total of £79.
 Plus, the Topaz Obsessions Palette has the most ideal shades, nothing too bright that you wouldn’t use. It’s so practical.
One of the reasons I decided to buy this box from Cult Beauty is that I get to try different products, but for a fraction of the price.
Is it just me or everyone else who always sees this Glow Recipe Watermelon Sleeping Mask on Instagram?
I see it all the time on my explore page and have always wanted to try it out, but I have enough face masks, so I didn’t want to just buy another face mask just for the sake of it. When I saw that this mask is included in the Cult Beauty Box, I can’t lie, I think this probably was one of the main reasons that inclined me to buy this box even more.
 Next is this Alpha Arbutin 2% + HA by The Ordinary
Ok, in all honesty, I probably won’t even use this product, because I’m very sceptical when it comes to using any strong chemicals on my skin as I have super sensitive skin, neither is my knowledge regarding this product strong enough for me to just try it. So, I think I’m going to pass this on to someone who has tried this out and really likes it.However, if any of you are a fan of this product then this can be a backup for the current one you are using.

Oooh! When I saw that a Nars Multiple was included, I was very excited, because I like a classic shade, because usually when I’ve tried a classic product from NARS it really hasn’t disappointed me.
The shade included in the box is orgasm and it’s in a stick, so it can be used for many purposes such as blush, eyeshadow and also as a lip balm.
The cult beauty box also includes a Living Proof restore mask treatment for your hair.
I haven’t ever used any products from Living Proof, so I am excited to try it out on my hair and to see whether the product lives up to its expectations.
Last but not least, is a Patchology Flashmasque Hydrate which is aimed for winter skin, which I shall assume is for dry skin which I definitely have.
If any of you are tempted to buy the box, here is the link down below:

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