Beauty & Seoul| First impression on Korea’s best skincare products

One of my absolute gorgeous besties came by the other day to drop off some gifts which she had been waiting to give me from her recent holiday. There was no need for all the gifts, just seeing her made my day, but I guess I had no say in that department.

Now, aside from what she got for me from her trip, being the Amazing human that she is, she added extra touches of her thoughtfulness with stuff she thought I would like, or things I should try out.
One of the gifts she had given me was labelled “ Maybe a new blog post “, which was the cutest thing ever.

So of course, this post is all because of her. ( Thank You Zaynab)
Beauty&Seoul is a Korean skincare company that sells all different types of Korean skincare brands which are available to purchase within the U.K. . I’m sure most of you are aware, when it comes to Skincare, Korea is at the top of the game, with the latest and most innovative products which promote clear and healthy skin . 
So, if anyone is interested in Korean Skincare but aren’t too sure what to try for their skin, or which products are the best , then I suggest you try out 
Maree’s Essential Skincare Travel Bag. 
Below I shall go into detail, giving you an insight into what the Travel Makeup Bag contains. I think this would also be a great gift idea for any of your friends, who might be into skincare, or your friends who are just major ‘KOREAN FANS’.
(I’m assuming, we all have at least one friend, who is super into K-Dramas, K-POP, or them weird Korean Mukbangs on YouTube).

Moving on to the Makeup Bag…..

All the products come inside this travel friendly pouch.

  1. Cosrx one step moisture up Kit.
This is a super handy Skincare kit which contains a Cleanser, a Moisture Pad and a Sheet Mask. 
The moisture pad is soaked in the kit, so it’s perfect to take with you when travelling, because you won’t need to go and wet the pad to clean your face . 
You can use the kit as the perfect morning skincare routine on the go , starting with the cleanser, then the sheet mask and finishing off with the moisture pad . 
  1. Organic Flowers Foaming Gel
When I first saw the label on the tube as ‘Foaming Gel’, I was a little confused, as I couldn’t tell whether it was for the face, or a shower gel. However, thank goodness for my Korean Skincare Fan younger sister, who assured me it was just a Sulphate free cleanser.
3.Organic Flowers Eye Essence 
This Eye Essence is used for brightening under the eye and also Anti-wrinkling . From the reviews I have watched, you can apply the cream in tiny dots under your eye, and slowly press it into the skin, to help absorb in all the nutrients. 
  1. Organic Seeds Peeling Finger Mitt
Now, this is an interesting product. You first apply a cleanser which is provided ( Organic Flowers Foaming Gel), to clean your skin, then with the mitt (which goes through your fingers) you gently rub your skin, which opens your pores to give a deep cleanse. ( Perfect if you wore heavy makeup for the day).
  1. Klairs Supple Preparation Facial Toner 
This Facial Toner is one of the most popular skincare product in Korea. I’ve watched a lot of reviews on YouTube which claim this product is a must have. The toner cleans, refreshes as well as balances out the PH levels of your skin. So, if you have dull looking skin, this may be just for you, to help brighten your skin in the morning.
      6. All Clean Balm 
I’m super excited to try this out, because the All Clean Balm is a dupe for my favourite Clinique Take The Day Off  Cleansing Balm. 
It is also a much cheaper alternative, which is always a plus side.

    7. Pyunkang Yul Set 
I think i’m going to save this for when I go away for the weekend, because it’s just perfect.
It contains all the necessary  products for a morning face routine, which means I won’t have to carry any of my creams,and cleansers, as it’s all ready in the Sachets provided.
For those of us, who are not so sure about the order of what to apply first or last, no need to stress, as the products are set in the correct order for you to simply apply it to your face.
  1. Pyunkang Yul Shampoo and body lotion.
Oh, Btw,  Niether do I know how to pronounce the name of this brand, I tried, and Failed miserably 
( I bet some Show off is pronouncing it so perfectly right now,  thinking it’s soo easy to say ). MUST BE NICE !
Well, anyways, It’s quite clear from Maree’s Travel bag that all the products are perfect for travelling, containing all the essentials you will need. 
The last essential, contains  two shampoos and also a body lotion, covering your hair care as well as moisture for your body.

I hope you all enjoyed my first impressions in going through some of Korea’s best skin care products. I can’t wait to try some of these products out, and see the hype surrounding the famous ‘ Korean Skincare Routine’. 


    • Humairasiddiqah
      November 28, 2021 / 11:59 am

      Thank you so much xxx

  1. July 2, 2019 / 11:52 am

    Omg ! I love Korean skincare products. I definitely need to try this out !

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