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One of my friends suggested on my Instagram page that I do a top 5 makeup products on my blog, and that’s what I’m exactly doing today. I love when you all send me suggestions of what to write about, because I really enjoy writing about things I love and what you all enjoy to read.

Choosing 5 makeup products wasn’t really a hard decision, as my makeup for a simple going out look isn’t too complex, and I feel like most of you will probably be able to guess the products I’m going to mention.
1. Base | 

For an easy day look, I would choose my trusty Nars Tinted Moisturiser as the coverage is buildable. It’s not too heavy, so if I want to keep my look simple yet with some coverage on my skin, I would definitely choose the Nars Tinted moisturiser over a foundation.

It’s also really easy to apply if you have no time, or just prefer to use your fingers for a more natural base. Most of the time, I apply it on my skin with the Real Techniques sponge, but I have tried applying the tinted moisturiser with my fingers and also loved the results.

(PS; can you tell how much I love this product because of how gunky it looks )

2. Concealer | 

Next on my list, would be a concealer. 

Any guesses on which concealer it may be ?
Hahahah ! If you guessed it right, then you know me well enough. Yes ! It’s the Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer 
I just feel like you can’t go wrong with this concealer. I’ve been using it for years and it’s just amazing.
However, I do find it annoying that there has been a price increase from £21 to £24. I usually pick my concealer up in Selfridges, as it’s the closest place that sells Nars makeup, so I was surprised with the slight  price increase when I went to top up my self a new concealer at it being £24. 

( However, I am trying to sway from old habits of constantly sticking to one product and will hopefully try out more new products in the new year )
3. Mascara |
I recently finished my Dior Pump n Volume Mascara  and started to use an oldie but a goodie, the  Maybelline Great Lash Mascara. I just realised how much I actually like it, as it gives the lash a really natural look without it looking too dramatic.
So, until this mascara runs out, I’m going to stick to it till I try out another mascara that I really love.
Also, it would really great if you lovelies can  DM me some of your favourite mascara suggestions @humairascorner, so I can try out some new mascaras in the new year.
4. Bronzer | 

My bronzer of dreams is the MUA Bronzer . I don’t even know if it has a name, but all I know is that the colour is perfect. I have the Benefit Hoola bronzer, and in all honesty, I prefer the £1 MUA bronzer. 

(Side note: the price has just gone up by 50p, but it is still a bargain)
It’s just so simple, and versatile. I use it as an overall eyeshadow for a natural makeup look, or as a transition shade for when I wear a full eyeshadow look. It’s such a warm shade which just makes your whole makeup look so put together.
5. Lipstick |

Last but not least, is a lip product to finish off my full makeup look. I have way too many lipsticks that I love, as most of them are the same shade anyway 😳

Does anyone else have that issue, where all your lipsticks pretty much look the same. 

However, despite them all looking the same, each lipstick is unique in its own way, well at least to me it is.

To keep my look as simple as I have from the beginning, I would choose the easy option of my go to Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in the shade Mink 671.
The shade is an absolute dream.. in my collection it is one of the best suited to my skin tone and it actually suits all skin tones.
Here is a link to the lipstick which you can purchase at Superdrug :


PS, can I just share a few more of the shots I had taken on the day because the sun was just doing wonders for my product shots.

I love taking pictures in direct sunlight because my pictures don’t need any editing as the sun does all the magic.
So, here are all the extra pictures that didn’t make it to the top, but I still love.

And that’s it folks, I’m done. I have chosen my top 5 makeup products, that I would carry with me if I had to travel any where and had no space for anything else ! 
I knew it would be easy, because I love asking other girls what their top 5 products are, so I always have my top 5 in my head.
Comment down below, what are your top 5 products ? 

Until next time x 

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