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Hi everyone,

I hope you are all keeping well, and enjoying the Christmas holidays. I know this holiday isn’t the ideal for many of us, as I am aware some of you are in Tier 4, and others in Tier 3. Aside from all the difficulties of this holiday season, I thought I would bring back one of my most popular blog posts for all of you to enjoy and read. Previously, I did a yearly favourites, and so many of you enjoyed it, but this time round I will do a mixture of everything, since I didn’t get a chance to wear much makeup this, as I assume a lot of you also didn’t get to either.

  1. Chilly’s bottle.

My trusty old Chilly’s bottle has been with me for almost 4 years, and I keep it on my bedside or when I’m out and about. This bottle can be used for different things such as keeping your drink cold for 24 hours or keeping your drinks hot. Since it has a multi-purpose use, I always have it with me as it can come in handy anytime.

Link to purchase Aff*:

2. The Inkey List Vitamin C

So, since we all have been home for majority of this year, I think this has been a great time for myself to try out more skincare products, without being skeptical of breakouts etc. Usually I have to worry about going out etc and not wanting major breakouts, but staying home has built my confidence to try more products, so I can share them with you all. Also, thankfully none of the products have broken me out. I guess it’s because I usually research stuff in-depth before buying it.

Vitamin C is really important for our skin, and the The Inkey List Vitamin C product has been something I’ve just incorporated into my skincare before or after my moisturiser.

Link to purchase Aff*:

3. Hair masks

I’ve also been trying out lots of hair masks this year. I’ve been giving my hair all the TLC it needs. I’m sure all my hijab girls must understand.

Herbal Essences (£2.99 at Superdrug) :

4. The Ordinary 100% Plant-Derived Hemi-Squalane.

I have also been loving using oils in my hair and specifically this one by The Ordinary. If you go to the Deciem store wherever you can, I definitely think it is worth picking up. I literally just picked this oil up bc it was less then £3.00 and I thought well why not. Since then, I’ve been using it post-shower in damp hair, and it feels really nice and cooling on your scalp. It also does not leave your hair greasy, nor your hands when you apply the oil.

I found this on Look Fantastic for £2.80. Definitely worth a try for such a price:

5. Sun cream.

Now, whether we are at home or outside, SPF should be a part of our skincare routine to protect our skin from any harmful UV rays. So, I try my best to incorporate any SPF, in my daily routine, and to make sure you cleanse your skin at night, because SPF is a barrier on your skin. Therefore, you will need to cleanse your skin, as you would if you were wearing makeup.

On sale at Feel Unique for £14 :

Alternative SPF recommendations.

La Roche Posay :


6. Pat Mcgrath Fetish Mascara

I managed to get the Pat McGrath fetish mascara on sale for £9 and seriously I love a good bargain. I really like this mascara as my lashes look so pretty, without looking so clumpy. I definitely would repurchase this mascara for the full price.

It can be purchased from Selfridges in store, or online at a few stores :

7. Charlotte Tilbury Lipstick in Bond Girl

This is one lip colour that is such a universal shade. I can imagine it suiting everyone. It can be worn both for everyday or even occasions and it would look so beautiful.

It’s not a nude, but a mauve that isn’t too red nor pink, it’s a mixture in-between the two shades.

Available at Cult Beauty :

8. Dior Skin Glow foundation

Ok, for those of you who have been following my page for a while, you might know how loyal I am to Nars base products such as the Sheer Glow foundation and the Tinted moisturiser. This year, I’ve been using the Dior Forever skin glow foundation and I have been enjoying the coverage. It’s quite buildable so it can easily be worn for evenings or just every day. 

Available at Feel Unique:

9. Candles.

Last, but not least ; Candles.

I think I’ve always really loved the smell of candles, but just never had the time to burn them because I’m mostly out of the house. However, recently I have been burning candles in my room and I love the aesthetic, the smell and the aura of something so beautiful in my room that gives out a beautiful smell.

With all this being written, I wish you all a wonderful new year.

A year of blessings, good things to come and so much positivity.

Lots of love,

Humaira’s Corner xxx

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