Morphe Store opens in Birmingham| Things you need to buy !

Morphe Store opens in Birmingham| Things you need to buy !
Whenever I think about Morphe, I always think about Jaclyn Hill, so I thought it would be perfectly appropriate to introduce this post with her gorgeous face. I think most people think the same as I do, as Jaclyn’s isle was almost empty within seconds of the stores opening in Birmingham’s Bullring.
Finally, there is a Morphe store in Birmingham. For those of you who live in London and America, you probably don’t understand the pain of waiting for 3 days for your delivery to come through from Cult Beauty or Beauty Bay. Finally no more waits! I can just go in store and grab my favourite items.
The Morphe store also stock Jeffree Star goodies, Soo if your a fan, let me tell you, they have literally everything from his line 😱
This is his Blood Sugar Pallette which is sold out on his website and everywhere else online, but they had in store which is the best thing ever! The colour pay off is surreal, for light , tan or even dark skin tones .
I’ll show you around the store a bit, then i’ll recommend some products you need to get your hands on.
The store literally has a makeup brush heaven 😍😍😍😍They have every brush you can think of, for everything you need, including brush sets .
The brushes are super affordable which is best to collect individually. As you get more confident with using different brushes for various things, you can just add more to your collection, rather than having so many random brushes that you barely use.
In store, there is a section for their creator series, which essentially are High-End Brushes.
The Accessories section, has all the essentials a makeup lover will need. Stuff like, makeup cleaners, eyelash duo, setting spray, brush holders are all in this area.
Moving on to things you need to buy 
The Morphe Sponges are insane !!!
These sponges have been recommended by so many beauty gurus, Youtubers and makeup artist, and Jaclyn Hill literally swears by it. The sponges are also way cheaper than the Beauty Blender, which is more expensive in this case. The Morphe Sponges retail for £8, which is a literal bargain, in comparison to the Beauty Blender.
The sponges are even under Jaclyn’s favourites in store.
I have to recommend the James Charles palette because after seeing swatches in real life, I was blown away at its colour pay off. At first, I thought it was just another collab, nothing too major, but my opinions changed real quick after seeing the swatches. So, if your looking for a big palette with a variety of pigmented shades, definitely check out James Charles palette with Morphe.
So of course, that went into the basket x
Another beautiful I came across while  I was in store was there liquid lipsticks, this shade specifically. It’s such a perfect shade of nude with a slight pinky tone .
Here is a swatch ;
Last but not least, the star of the show is the Jaclyn Hill X Morphe Palette. 
This palette is definitely an investment, because there are a range of eye shadow colours from neutral to darker tones, both perfect for a smokey eye.
If you’re thinking of buying an eye shadow palette for Christmas or the new year or simple just, I highly suggest you check out Jaclyn’s palette.
Leave a comment if you have visited the store or have ordered anything from Morphe x


  1. December 9, 2018 / 2:22 pm

    I have been wanting another Morphe palette for agesss😍I got the 3502 palette last year and I really want another. The Jaclyn Hill one is peng 😍

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