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Damascena Coffee House |
A perfect Catch up spot
I’ve been asked so many times by my friends and family to document on my blog great places to eat at. Since I travel frequently, and love to try out different food places, I thought it would be great to start with Damascena Coffee House. It’s the perfect place for breakfast, brunch or just a quick catch up with friends an colleagues.
The architecture is so beautiful, as the Cafe is designed traditionally with a modern twist. As you can see from the picture above, the ceiling is decorated with a middle eastern vibe, similar to something you would see if you went on holiday, perhaps somewhere in Morrocco, Algeria, or even Turkey.
Oh! I need to mention how this cafe is the perfect Insta worthy spot !
The seating area is super cosy, perfect for sitting with a large group or just two people. I’ve actually seen people sit on their own, peacefully reading a book and just catching up with work, which is perfect if you are a University student, or just need a peaceful place to sit and have some ‘ME’ time.
One thing to mention is how this cafe isn’t like the traditional place, where you wait for the waiter/waitress to come and take your order. Its great, because you go in yourself and choose your seat, and when you are ready, you can visit the counter to make your order and then wait for your food to come ! ( So, you no longer have to feel anxious about having to order quickly, when the waiter comes , you can take your time, make your mind up, then go an order )
As I mentioned, how you can take your time to order your food ; with places that serve food from different cultures, I typically like to check the menu, and then check how the food will look like on google ( It makes me feel better knowing that what I ordered is going to look good and perhaps taste good).
Here, I ordered a Falafel wrap, with Turkish Tea. There is also some Cappuccino, Rice Pudding seasoned with Pistachio, Turkish Coffee in the silver small cup, served with Turkish delight, and some Oreo Milkshake. ( I came here on a Sunday evening with my siblings just for a light meal and quick catch up, before the busy week began ).
I always order Turkish Tea when I come to Damascena, its my absolute fave ! However, if your not a tea without milk person, I suggest you try their Chai Latte, they have several flavours including mango and other fruits.
Also, I’m a huge bagels fan ! So, you definitely need to try their smoke Salmon and cheese bagel. Its the best ! It has the perfect amount of cream cheese inside, and the smoke Salmon is just perfectly smoked.
Moving on to desserts. Traditional confectionery treats are the best. At Damascena they have a wide of traditional Turkish deserts, alongside the common British delicacies such as a Strawberry tart, Chocolate souffle etc.
Here I ordered a Sweet Cheese Katayif. It has pistachios on top with Vanilla Ice cream on the side. The Katayif is served hot, which is perfect combination with the ice cream.
Things to note : This place is Gluten Free for those who require this as a dietary requirement.
It also serves Vegetarian food, Vegan and  Halal food.
There are three branches of this Cafe ;
One is in :  Birmingham City Centre
Portman Building
5-7 Temple Row West
B2 5NY
Another Branch is in : Moseley Village
133 Alcester Road
B13 8JP
The third Branch is in : Harborne
103 Highstreet
B17 9NR
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  1. October 30, 2018 / 2:52 pm

    I need to try out the Salmon bagel. Have you tried the knafe?

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